Denali Merger Update: Better Together

Mar 25, 2019, 15:00 PM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Last year, Nuvision and Denali Credit Union officially completed a merger agreement to combine the two organizations. As we move forward through the process, we wanted to make our members aware of some upcoming system upgrades.

 Beginning Saturday, March 30th at 2 PM, we will be integrating systems with Denali Federal Credit Union.  During this time, access to online banking, mobile banking, and 24/7 phone banking will not be available. Access will be restored on Sunday, March 31, 2019.

 Our branches will also be closed on Saturday due to the system upgrades. Business, as usual, will resume Monday, April 1st.

 We appreciate your patience as we work to make our credit union even better. This integration will allow Denali members to experience the same great service as our other Nuvision branches and will benefit all of our members by making Nuvision even stronger.


Creating a larger community of hard-working individuals

This merger is a joint initiative to create the best customer experience for two similar groups of members. When Nuvision was founded in 1935, it started as the credit union for Douglas Aircraft Company, serving the people working in the factories that made the Southwest prosper. Denali started out very much the same: first serving railroad workers, electric workers, and various other trades before expanding to serve people throughout Alaska.

 Our histories both started with hard working people—the same people we continue to serve today. In so many ways, this merger was a perfect fit. Our core values perfectly align, and our member bases share a passion for working hard.

 It’s our shared vision of helping people build better lives and achieve financial success that has propelled this merger towards success. From the start, it provided a clear direction and goal for us to work towards.

  “The Denali board, when we first initiated merger discussions, looked for a credit union that shared our member service philosophy,” said Denali CEO Bob Teachworth. “Nuvision stood out as a great partner.”


Better together: the power of shared values

 There’s so much we can do together. With a combined total of 31 branches in five states, we can reach more people than ever before. This kind of power is going to help us grow into a greater force for good in our communities.

 In both Alaska and California, we already have well-developed outreach programs. In Orange County, Nuvision runs numerous programs, like our Memorial Day “free gas for military” event and our financial literacy Essay Challenge. Denali offers community sponsorships, as well as encouraging members to volunteer through the Community Counts program. Now, we’re going to be able to do even more for our communities.

 We’re grateful that we have had the opportunity to extend our reach to Denali. The future is looking bright and after this system integration is completed, we will be one step closer.


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