Credit Union Members Approve Denali Merger with Nuvision

Sep 27, 2018, 14:38 PM by Nuvision Credit Union  

After a month-long voting period, the members of Denali Credit Union overwhelmingly approved the merger with Nuvision Credit Union. The merger was already approved by both boards and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), so now that we have the full support of our members we will officially merge on October 1st. We are thrilled to bring together two already great credit unions and become an even stronger partner for our members.

Drawing on similar pasts to build a better future

Nuvision and Denali Federal Credit union both have long-standing traditions of serving hard-working members of the community. Nuvision was founded in 1935 as Douglas Aircraft Company Federal Credit Union. In those early days, we served the people working in the factories that made the Southwest succeed. Today, we serve more than 90,000 members across a wide spectrum of professions.

Denali Federal Credit Union got started in a very similar way, serving railroad workers, electric workers, and various other trades before expanding to serve individuals all over Alaska.

Our histories have paved the way for us to build something even greater, together. Denali Credit Union shares Nuvision’s dream of helping people build better lives and achieve financial success. From the time our boards met, we knew that this merger was going to be a success.

“This is great news for members of Nuvision and Denali,” said Nuvision CEO Roger Ballard. “Both credit unions are healthy and growing, and both have a singular commitment to member service. It’s a great match.”

By joining two strong credit unions, we’ll be able to have an even greater impact on the people and communities we serve.


Our shared commitment to community

When we were deciding on this merger, one of the things we looked at was how it would benefit the community. “This is a major step for Denali as we continue to grow and serve our members,” said Denali CEO Bob Teachworth. “This allows us to maintain a strong local presence for our Alaska and Washington members and build the financial strength of a western region credit union. The Denali board, when we first initiated merger discussions, looked for a credit union that shared our member service philosophy, and Nuvision stood out as a great partner.”

Nuvision and Denali Credit Union both have well-developed outreach programs. Nuvision runs numerous programs dedicated to helping people, such as our Memorial Day “free gas for military” event, our financial literacy Essay Challenge, and the motorcycle Honor Ride we hosted to raise money for Veterans Outreach OC. Denali Federal Credit Union has their own way of supporting the community. They encourage employees to volunteer through the Community Counts volunteering program and offer many community sponsorships.

Through this merger, we’ll be able to improve existing programs and increase outreach efforts in all our locations. Our combined total of 31 branches in five states will help us reach more people than ever before.

What’s to come

As a member, you have a lot to look forward to with this merger. You’ll experience all the benefits of a larger credit union-- greater efficiency, enhanced technology for easier banking, and the best products available. Along with the extra perks, you’ll get the same great service we always strive to provide.

While we are looking forward to all the good we’ll be able to do with this merger, we also understand that change can be tough. Both leadership teams have been working hard to make your experience during this transitional phase a pleasant one.


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