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Apr 26, 2018, 08:30 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

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California’s education system should be setting up our kids for a successful future, but it’s sadly falling short.

Our state received an F in last year’s National Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy in High Schools, which measures the effectiveness of high schools’ financial education efforts. More than half of the states in the country received a grade C or lower.

Unfortunately, our youth pay the price for our local education system’s negligence. People who aren’t educated about personal finances are much more likely to make poor spending decisions, experience debt problems and are less likely to utilize helpful financial resources. Teenagers, curious and yearning to learn, are at a pivotal time in their lives, transitioning into independent adults who need to know how to make smart decisions about their finances. But instead, our youth are left with a damaging void of knowledge.


With its inherent and passionate commitment to the Southern California community, Nuvision Credit Union recognized this financial education void and set out to conquer it by launching the first Essay Challenge Scholarship Program in 2016. Now in its third year, this one-of-a-kind contest and program provides students from more than a dozen Southern California high schools with accessible money management information taught by financial advisors, college scholarships and funds for schools to teach financial literacy.

Nuvision has also partnered with several former NFL players who speak to students, through this program, about their financial experiences and enlightened advice. These athletes-turned-motivational-speakers do such an excellent job at educating and motivating, that the high schoolers’ parents often choose to sit in and listen.

One such former NFL star is Thomas Williams, former USC Trojan and former NFL player for the Seahawks, Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Panthers. In his speeches, Williams shares his personal finance challenges with students after injuries forced him to retire early from the NFL, leaving him without income.

Thomas Williams at Essay Challenge

“The work that Nuvision is doing ... is absolutely amazing and it is extremely pertinent information. If we’re going to need money, then we have to learn what money is, how to make it, how to save and the power of it.” -Thomas Williams, former NFL player for the Seahawks, Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Panthers

Williams also drives home inspiring messages about having ambition, following your dreams and knowing that greatness is already inside you. He often repeats: “Anyone, anytime, anywhere can become anything they want to be.”


“Financial education is important for teens, because they’ll never learn it in high school and they won’t even learn it in college. I think it’s very important that Nuvision continues this outreach and to help kids learn about financial literacy.” - Terrell Thomas, former USC Trojan and former NFL player for the New York Giants

Nuvision understands that no one can be successful without understanding money management. This is why it’s imperative that people learn financial literacy while they’re young, before they encounter significant financial decisions, such as applying for a credit card, signing up for a student loan or making an investment.

At a time when 80 percent of Americans are in debt, with the average debt amount being thousands of dollars per person, a serious push to encourage financial education in schools is more vital than ever before.

As a credit union, Nuvision is not-for-profit, owned by its depositors and exists to help people build better lives. With its investments to profoundly improve its community, Nuvision stands apart from other banks and is raising the bar for financial institutions.

Nuvision refuses to allow our youth drown in debt and is working to be part of the solution. Through its Essay Challenge program, the credit union has stepped up to help administer financial education in local schools, as well as to help young people follow their dreams, achieve their goals and further enrich the community. Nuvision is one of Southern California’s most trusted credit unions, caring deeply about the community’s growth and well-being.

This month, the public is encouraged to participate in this year’s Essay Challenge Scholarship Program by voting online for their favorite essay. Don’t forget to check back in May to learn about the winners!


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