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I am excited and honored to welcome you to Nuvision Credit Union!

We are happy to share that Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union (CCFCU) members approved our merger partnership at a Special Member Meeting held on March 14, 2024. The CCFCU member vote was the final approval needed for the merger, and we are excited to welcome CCFCU members into the Nuvision family beginning June 1st. We look forward to joining forces with the CCFCU team to bring many new benefits to our collective members and our combined credit union.


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Merger Vote FAQs

Who is Nuvision Federal Credit Union?  +

Born nearly a century ago as the credit union of Douglas Aircraft, our values were forged in the factories and plants that made the region prosper. Helping build the lives of hard-working people has been our mission since the day we were founded. Nuvision Credit Union is here to provide you with specialized products, expert service, and financial tools to help you with the life you build.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, Nuvision FCU (www.nuvisionfederal.com) is a federally chartered, full-service credit union serving more than 160,000 members in California, Arizona, Washington, Alaska and Wyoming with assets of approximately $3.4 billion.

How will members benefit?  +

The merger between Nuvision and Cooperative Center will bring greater value and convenience from your credit union membership. After our credit unions are integrated, members will receive an important number of additional benefits:

Added Convenience and Access

  • More locations for your convenience. There are 26 additional branches and the addition of the shared branch network. There are over 5,000 branches nationwide that will be available for members to bank at.
  • Forty-seven proprietary ATMs available to members as well as the addition of the CO-OP Network of ATMs which provide fee-free access to 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.
  • A toll-free, full-service contact center with extended weekend hours and live chat to assist members who prefer the convenience of banking by phone or online.

New Products and Services

  • Mobile Banking, including text messaging and mobile check deposits
  • Online banking including bill pay
  • Investment services
  • Credit cards
  • Zelle transfer services
  • Expanded in-house real estate services
  • Business services, including commercial and business lending and business deposit services
  • Added Advantage Loyalty member program that provides additional valuable fee waivers and rate incentives

Do both credit unions support this partnership?  +

Absolutely! Both Credit Union Boards are very excited about this partnership and the benefits it brings our members and communities.

What is the merger process and timeline?  +

With the member approval process now completed, we will begin integrating the operations of the two credit unions, which is targeted for completion by June 1, 2024. We will keep you updated on our progress in the coming months.

Are both credit unions financially sound?  +

Members can feel very at ease with the financial stability of this merger, as both credit unions are independently successful, strong, and financially sound. We each have net worth ratios that exceed regulatory requirements to qualify as well capitalized, and both have avoided high-risk lending activities.

What will the name of the new organization be?  +

The name of our combined organization will be Nuvision Credit Union.

Will I need to open a new account with Nuvision?  +

We’ve ensured that this is an easy transition for you! You will not need to open a new account. As we integrate our systems, all existing Cooperative Center FCU accounts will automatically be migrated onto Nuvision Credit Union’s system. We will work hard to make the integration as seamless as possible so that you may continue to conduct business as you always have.

Will my member number change?  +

Yes. We will provide you more specific information about your account number when we integrate our credit union systems.

How will I receive information about my new Nuvision member number?  +

You will begin to receive information when we get closer to system integration, which is scheduled for June 2024. As we get closer to this date you will receive a number of communications that will have important information regarding your accounts.

Will my existing accounts still be available as a Nuvision member?  +

Many of the current products that you enjoy at Cooperative Center FCU are also available at Nuvision. You’ll be provided with more information as we combine the two credit unions. Existing certificates and IRA certificates will retain the same rates and maturity dates.

Will Cooperative Center members retain their membership open date?  +

Yes, this information will be transferred to and recognized by Nuvision’s data processing system.

Who will lead the new organization?  +

Nuvision Credit Union CEO Roger Ballard, will remain CEO of the combined organization. The same team from Cooperative Center will continue to serve members at the Martinez and Berkely branches after the merger.

Wil my accounts continue to be insured?  +

Yes! Your accounts will remain safe, sound and federally insured through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, a U.S. Government Agency, just as they are today.

Will I still receive personalized service?  +

Yes, of course! You will absolutely continue to receive the same personalized service you’ve come to expect from us. In fact, we’ll have the resources to offer you even better service. The primary reason for our two credit unions to explore this merger is to better serve our member-owners.

Will the merger affect membership eligibility?  +

No, membership eligibility will not be affected. The combined credit union will continue to serve all of the organizations, companies and sponsors we currently serve. It will also provide credit union membership opportunities to new communities and members that we have been unable to serve in the past.

What if I have additional questions?  +

We’re here to answer your questions! Please don’t hesitate to call (800) 444-6327 (Nuvision members) or (510) 845-6428 x1518 or l [email protected] (Cooperative Center members) if have any questions about this partnership and what it means to you.