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We are excited to announce the winners of our Nurses Week Giveaway! Each of these extraordinary nurses will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation for their commitment and compassionate care they provide to our community every day. We thank everyone who participated in the giveaway by sharing the inspiring stories of these dedicated nurses.

Thank you for your compassionate contributions
to our community


See the list of winners and the highlights from the nominations, sharing how these heroes have touched lives.






Alina G.





Amy S.
Amy cares for her patient's and their families with such compassion and sympathy.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Ana B.
Her kind nature and great sense of humor puts sick children at ease. 






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Barbie E.

My mom has been taking care of people since I was a young child. She has a gift for advocating for her patients, and even for my family members who have gotten sick and gone to the hospital. She has given 30 + years of her life to the health and wellness of others. She is a comfort to those who are scared and fearful of what’s coming. She is strong, compassionate, and always gives her best to her patients.






Nurses Week Giveaway Winner
Cindi W.

There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't putting other people first. She goes over and beyond for anyone in need.






Davee L.
She loves her job and excels at some things most nurses do not like to do. She is so very good with very sick babies and elders. Pretty rare. She cares for these helpless people while raising three kids by herself. She chose this at a very young age and followed thru to completion. She displays empathy, compassion and sheer determination every single day of her life.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Dixie S.

She has a servant’s heart. She genuinely cares for people. She has touched so many lives in the community both young and old. We need more people like her in this world.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Edyta S.

Edyta S. is a nurse who gave her all to her profession. She worked years after her health should have kept her at home. She is like the Energizer Bunny and never wants to give up. She inspires not only her family but her past co-workers.






Eliana G.
She is always looking for ways to help the elderly. No matter how her day is going she’s always smiling.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Emily K.

Emily is an amazing pediatric oncology nurse! She is loving, caring and the sweetest soul. She works tirelessly to make kids comfortable during a hard time and parents feel comfortable as well!






Gilbert S.
Gilbert is full of compassion and empathy for his patients. He prioritizes their needs and is a fierce advocate for better treatment options. Gilbert is knowledgeable in his field and can always be relied on by his team. He takes the time to mentor to new nurses and share his skills. He brings a positive can-do attitude in all that he does.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Heidi R.

My cousin Heidi works tirelessly to help any and every one while also caring for her own family and the special needs of her elderly mom. She would be a nurse if she never received a dime for it because she has the heart of a servant.






Nurses Week Giveaway Winners
Jennifer P.

Jennifer always put the needs of her patients and their families first. Making sure her staff is dedicated to the same.






Nurses Week Giveaway Winners
Jonah M.

Jonah has dedicated his life to helping and caring for others. He is focused on his patient’s well-being, in addition to the nurses of his hospital. Many nurses got burnt out during the years of the pandemic, but not Jonah. Despite those trying times and extremely long hours, Jonah rose up and sacrificed his personal time to care for others.






Kim B.
Nurse Kim is an amazing person. She helped keep my daughter calm and made sure she was very comfortable and stayed there with us after her shift had ended.






Kyna G.
She cares and treats her patients like they are family. She’s concerned with their wellbeing and makes them feel comfortable.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Linda J.
Linda is an incredible labor and delivery nurse. She takes the best care of her patients and is always smiling and encouraging.






Nurses Week Giveaway Winners
Liza R.

Liza is an amazing nurse! She is a busy mom, community volunteer, works at her family practice and at the hospital. She is fantastic and always helping someone.






Loma L.
After beating cancer Loma decided to become a hero. She is now a nurse and 3 years cancer free! She was diagnosed with Leukemia her freshman year in high school. She missed all her HS career battling this cancer. Since then, she has been studying hard to become a life changing nurse and to make a positive impact to touch all her patients, just like the nurses who cared for her at the time in her life she needed most.






Nurses Week Giveaway Winners
Neil G.

Neil G. is a phenomenal nurse and is so passionate about providing the best quality of care to her patients. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their nurse!






Norrie Mae A.
She is compassionate, kind, trustworthy, and passionate about her career. She puts her patient’s best interest first and she always find ways to help them. Norrie, we appreciate you and we love you for all you do!






Priscilla C.
She goes above and beyond her school description of nurse. She bought supplies (desks, chairs, decorated offices) to make the rooms just magical for the children and fellow school nurses.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Ricardo M.

A special recognition goes out to Ricardo Miranda, a registered nurse whose dedication during the pandemic has been extraordinary. Ricardo, your tireless efforts, compassion, and commitment to caring for very ill patients have not gone unnoticed. Your selflessness and unwavering dedication have made a profound impact on the lives of many.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Sara L.

Sara is an amazing nurse! She goes above and beyond for not only her patients but everyone around her.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Shree S.

She always finds a way to make her patients smile and laugh to make the best out of their situation.






Stefania B.
Stefania embodies the essence of compassion and dedication. Her infectious smile brightens every room, and her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care is truly inspiring. She is a beacon of positivity, always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Stefy's genuine warmth and compassion make her an invaluable asset to our community, and I am incredibly grateful for her.






Stephanie H.
Stephanie has been a travel nurse for 10 years, working all over the country. With the recent worsening opioid/Xylazine crisis in her home town, she decided to take a contract at Temple University to try to help the community she grew up in. Being shocked and saddened by the extent of the crisis in the community, Stephanie has been working extra hours and volunteering her free time to try to make a difference any way she can. Stephanie always goes above and beyond to help fellow nurses, and is constantly praised by her patients and employers. She is more than deserving of recognition and rewards for her passion for helping others and her dedication to improving the community. Her nickname is Sunshine because she brings happiness and warmth to everyone around her, especially her patients!






Nurses Week Giveaway Winners
Suzy J.

Suzy has to be one of the best nurses that I have EVER worked with. She always goes above and beyond for all of her cancer patients. She is truly an angel on earth.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Tina C.

Tina is the best hardworking nurse. She always returns your calls and never takes a day off. She is an angel.






Vanessa S.
Many of your fellow nurses at Beaumont found their way into our hearts during Theresa’s treatment for AML, but you were the first! The event described below touched my heart and will remain in my psyche forever. The way you took charge and made this haircut happen exactly when the patient needed it most as well as the ambiance and reassuring support you created in her room that day was incredible. You are an amazing woman and nurse and today on the one-year anniversary of TT’s cancer diagnosis, we are thankful that you entered our lives during this scary time for us.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Victoria A.

My sister is an amazing nurse and would do anything for anyone! She works more hours than anyone I know and sacrifices a lot just for her kids to never want anything.






Wassana V.
Wassana is my sister-in-law. She took the nurses exam here in the U.S. and now has been serving as a nurse ever since. She is loving and compassionate and I am personally so proud of all her accomplishments.






Yna V.
Yna is very caring to her patients. Inf act she is a "Daisy Award" recipient and being a recipient of this award means a lot to her and to all nurses! This is the certificate of how they are to the patients.






Ryan J.
Becoming a nurse was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life and I am grateful for all of the unique experiences that I've had and for everyone that I have met along the way. Nursing is so unique and there is so much flexibility within nursing. Very few careers offer as much flexibility and as many opportunities as nursing. In my application essay for nursing school, I said that “Nurses help patients and their families through the darkness and uncertainty of some of the most difficult and vulnerable times of their lives…it is an honor and privilege to be able to do that.” This is honestly my favorite part of being a nurse.






Nurses Week Giveaway WInners
Margarita S.

Margarita is working fulltime as a nurse while continuing her education, and truly dedicated to helping her patients.




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