If you have a Nuvision Online Banking App already loaded on your phone, on Monday, November 18, 2019 you will need to uninstall it and reinstall the New Nuvision Online Banking App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You now have access to a new and improved online banking system for a better experience. Featuring a streamlined user interface across your desktop, phone and tablet platforms, plus upgraded security additions, the new system will deliver top of the line safety as well as intuitive functions created for your unique financial needs.

Now that the new system is in place, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that the email address and phone number you have on your profile is up to date within the current system.

2. It's very important to remember your current username in the event that you have to recover when logging in to your account.

If there are any questions regarding the new online banking system, please call 800.444.6327 for additional details.

We also have a series of educational videos in regards to the new online banking platform. These videos are provided for your reference and discuss some of the changes for the following areas:

  • Online Banking: How to set/verify accounts, transfer funds, and how to view your financial activity.
  • Security: How to enable/disable Touch ID Setup, fingerprint login, and passcode login.
  • Mobile Banking: How to integrate mobile deposit, text banking, and much more.
  • PFM: How to keep track of spending, transactions, and more with the Personal Financial Management System.

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Online Banking Instructions: How to Use Online Banking  +
Security: How to Set Up Account Features  +
Mobile Banking: How to Utilize the App Functions  +
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Below is a list of categories with specific questions and answers tailored to each aspect of the upcoming online banking system.

Account Nicknames  +

Q: Will I need to reset my account nicknames within the new system?

A: No. All of your account nicknames will stay the same during the transfer process.

Bill Pay  +

Q: When will Bill Pay be down?

A: Bill Pay will be down Thursday, November 14th at 12 PM PST and will return on Monday, November 18th.

Q: Will I receive email bill pay reminders?

A: Yes, if you have selected that option.


Q: Will Bill Pay remain a free service?

A: Yes.


Q: How many days does it take to send an average payment? How many days in advance do our members need to create payment?

A: When submitting a payment, the system will provide you with the sent date and delivered by date. Additionally, the member can decide what date works best for their schedule.


Q: If a check is mailed out to a payee and the check is lost, can I place a stop payment on the check? What is the fee?

A: The request must be made by contacting the Contact Center or by visiting a branch. There is a $30 fee.


Q: Will my existing reoccurring payments and/or reminders be set up?

A: Yes, as long as the payee is converting over. However, if your payment was setup based off of an e-bill, it will need to be reestablished.


Q: Will my bill payments/payees carry over?

A: Yes!


Q: Who can I contact if a payment is not received as scheduled?

A: Please reach out to the Contact Center 800.444.6327


Q: How much history will convert within the new Bill Pay platform?

A: Six months’ worth of history.


Q: Can payments be set up as electronic or do they all send out checks?

A: If the biller has an established relationship with Bill Pay, the payment will be sent electronically. If they do not have an established relationship, it will be sent out via check. When setting up the payee on bill pay, the system will advise you on how the payment will be sent. The bill pay system will also advise you on the delivery date of the item.

Credit Cards  +

Q: Do I need to reregister to access my credit card information?

A: No, all your credit card information will roll over into the updated online banking


Q: Can I view my credit card information online and be able to make ACH payments from an outside institution?

A: Yes. The process will not change and credit card information and setup of payments can be accessed by clicking on the "Credit Card" link.

Institution to Institution Transfers  +

Q: Do I have to set up my Institution to Institution transfers again?

A: Yes. The new feature is called an “External/ACH Transfer.”

Loan Payments  +

Q: Will I be able to make loan payments from an external bank account?

A: Yes. In order to make a payment from an external account, an external account would need to be established first. Once the account has been established, payments can be made via the “Funds Transfer” option by selecting the External Account. Funds will take at least 3-5 business days to arrive.


Q: What if I have a payment scheduled from an external account that is scheduled during or after the conversion?

A: Payments from external accounts scheduled to occur after 12:00 p.m. Pacific on 11/15 will not be processed. You will need to re-set the loan payment from the external account as indicated in the Answer above.


Q: Can I make more than the minimum payment due at the time on my loan or do I still have to schedule an additional payment?

A: Yes.

Mobile App  +

Q: Will I need to download a new mobile app for online banking?

A: Yes. The new app will be available on Monday, 11/18. Current mobile banking users will need to uninstall it and reinstall the New Nuvision Online Banking app from the Apple Store or Google Play.


Q: Will the app icon for the new Nuvision app look the same or would it be different? If so, how will it look like?

A: It will look the same, but it will need to be reloaded.


Q: Will I have to reset my fingerprint authentication?

A: Yes. Once the app is uploaded, simply reset it in the phone's settings.


Q: Will there be a message that will notify that the app is no longer available and to download the new one?

A: Yes, iOS users will automatically be directed to App store to update the app. Android users will receive the following message: "The current Nuvision app is no longer in service due to the upgraded online banking system. Please download the new version of the Nuvision app available at on the Google Play store."

Mortgage  +

Q: Do I have to re-register to access my mortgage loan?

A: No.

Online Banking  +

Q: When will the new online banking be available?

A: The new online banking system will be released on Monday, November 18th.


Q: Will there be any down time for the system?

A: Yes, our system will be taken offline at Noon PST, Friday, November 15th


Q: Will I need to change my user ID?

A: You will not need to change your User ID for the new system. However, it is important to remember your current username in the event that you have to recover when logging in to your account.


Q: Will I need to change my password?

A: Yes, you will prompted to change your password on Monday, November 18th.


Q: Why is Nuvision converting to a new online banking platform?

A: We are offering more features and flexibility for future enhancements with this new platform. With this optimized new system, you will experience a new, secure easy to use mobile check deposit system, more functionality with e-Alerts, a more robust Loan Skip-a-Pay process.


Q: Will I have to re-register for online banking?

A: Your username will be the same, but you will be prompted to create a NEW password.

Quicken/Mint  +

Q: I use Quicken/Mint/Quickbooks for money management. Do I have to update or do anything within the new system?

A: Yes, you will need to reset up your connection with Web-Express

Recurring Transfers  +

Q: Will I need to reset recurring transfers?

A: No, members will not need to reset any recurring transfers.

Skip-a-Pay  +

Q: Can a Skip-a-Pay be requested by a joint owner?

A: No

Solar Loans  +

Q: Will I still be able to make a loan payment online to my energy/solar loan from an outside institution?

A: Yes.

Transaction History  +

Q: How much history would convert to the new system?

A: 18 months of transaction history will be available. Additionally, there will 2 years of statements available.

Hiding Accounts  +

With the new digital banking system now here, the hidden account feature has been updated. Due to this change, you’ll need to re-hide your previously hidden accounts.

The instructions below explain how to hide your accounts and of course if you want to view the hidden accounts again, you will be able to unhide the account within your profile.

Step 1: From the Home, select Account Preferences from the Settings Dropdown.

Hidden Accounts 1

Step 2: Once on the Accounts Preferences  Screen scroll down to the account you want to hide and click on the Visible Button under the Account description.

(Note: For the  Details display for this account, click on the Visible Button under the Details header .)

Hidden Accounts Step 2


Step 3: The following warning message will pop up once the button is clicked.   Select “Yes, hide” to implement the changes.

Hidden Accounts

Step 4: Once completed, if you scroll down to the bottom of the Accounts Preferences Screen, all hidden accounts will be listed.

Hidden Accounts Step 4

If there are questions or concerns about this feature, please call please call 800.444.6327 for additional details.