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Digital Banking Card Management

We're excited to introduce our latest upgrade in digital banking.

Forget the hassle of using multiple apps for your banking needs. Our latest upgrade brings the convenience of managing both your credit and debit cards directly within our Online Banking (OLB) platform. It's your one-stop shop for all things banking, accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Enhanced User Experience

From setting travel notifications to requesting credit limit increases or re-ordering a lost card, everything you need is right at your fingertips

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24/7 Access

Whether you're at home or on the go, control your cards via desktop or our mobile app.

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Personalized Real-Time Alerts

Get personalized notifications tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Log in to your OLB account to explore the new Digital Banking Card Management feature and take the first step towards simplified, secure, and personalized card management.

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Digital Banking Card Management FAQ

Will I have access to all the same features through digital banking as I do in the Nuvision Card Management app?  +

The only service not available through digital banking is digital issuance of replacement cards. All alerts, controls, and card management functionality will be available. Digital issuance is a feature we working to make available in the near future. 

Do I need to keep the Nuvision Card Management app if I am using this new feature through digital banking?  +

Card Management is for personal debit and credit cards only. Business cards of any type will not display. We plan to offer a similar service for business in the future. Business cards can still be managed through the Nuvision Card Management app.

How long will it take for my cards to become available in the new platform?  +
All your personal banking debit and credit cards will populate the first time you access the Card Hub through Card Management.
Do I need to enroll in anything to get access to this feature?  +
Access to Card Management through digital banking requires enrollment in digital banking first. If you are already enrolled in digital banking no additional action is required to access the Card Management feature.
Where can I locate the Card Management feature in digital banking?  +

Card Management is located on the main menu between Marketplace and Services. Selecting this option will open the Card Hub where you can view and manage your Nuvision cards.

Will the new feature have debit cards, credit cards, or both?  +

Both credit cards and debit cards associated with your social security number will display.


Can I report a lost or stolen card using the Card Management feature or do I need to call  +

You can quickly and easily report a lost or stolen card and we will have a new card issued to the address on file.


Will I need to setup my alerts again for the new feature?  +

Yes, alerts for the app will be disabled on March 26 and will need to be set up in the new Card Management platform.

How long will it take for travel alerts to be applied to my card(s)?  +

It takes 24 to 48 hours to apply travel alerts placed through digital banking to a card. Please be sure to submit your travel alerts at least two days before you travel to ensure they are placed in time.


Can I activate a card before I receive it if it displays in my digital banking.   +

Card Activation must still be completed by phone and requires information only available on the card. This setup is for the security of our members but does not allow activation in advance.

Can I transfer my card to my digital wallet from the Card Management feature?  +

Adding cards to a digital wallet will continue to require manual entry in the digital wallet and can’t be transferred over from the platform. Digital wallet compatibility is a feature we plan to have available in the future.

Why is my Nuvision card vertical but the display in digital banking is horizontal?  +

In order to provide the best member experience with this interface, the cards are presented horizontally to minimize the amount of space they occupy and allow for easier navigation.

Why do I have two cards with the same card number, but one is pending activation?  +

When we issue replacement cards for a currently active card, you will see both the existing card and the newly issued card pending activation. Once the new card is activated the status will change and the old card will be removed.

Why can’t I see my card?  +

There are several reasons a card may not be displayed in the Card Hub. If none of the below reasons are applicable, please contact us at 800-444-6327 for further assistance.

  • The card is not associated with my social security number

  • The card is a business card

  • The card is closed, cancelled, charged off, or has delinquent payments

  • The card was reported lost or stolen


If I have already enrolled my debit or credit card in the Nuvision Card Management app, will I lose access?  +

Access to the Card Management app will continue to remain available.

If I order a replacement card will the new card have a different card number?  +

Using the “order replacement” option will issue a new card, but the card number will remain the same.

If I order a replacement credit card, will it cancel my existing card?  +

Yes, using the “order replacement” option will cancel the existing card and mail a new one for activation.

Who do I contact for assistance with my Card Management feature or with my debit or credit cards?  +

Please reach out to our Member Contact Center at 800-444-6327 Monday – Friday from 7am to 7pm PT and Saturday from 9am to 2pm PT