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Our Culture and Values

This defines NuVision Federal Credit Union’s Culture and Values. This culture and these values guide employees behaviors and decisions. These behaviors are ultimately what determine the success of employees as well as the Credit Union. Originating from our Culture and Values, we developed additional guidance for employees in the important areas of Service, Sales, Brand, and Leadership. All of these areas address standards and behaviors to ensure we live our culture and values every day.

Our Culture

We are a high-performance organization dedicated to serving our members and employees. Activities are applauded, but results are rewarded. We have high expectations to achieve results because our results and our culture are what make NuVision Federal Credit Union different. In exchange for superior performance, we deliver a top-notch work environment with a positive attitude. In fact, we tolerate nothing less than a positive attitude. Attitude is a choice, and the decision to have a positive attitude greatly enhances our work environment, team results, and ultimately, personal as well as professional success. Furthermore, we won’t allow anyone to spoil it for the rest of us. We care about our people and their professional development. We operate on a first name basis and downplay titles. We believe everyone contributes to the success of our organization and have fun celebrating our success. Although we do not like failures, we are human and accept that failures sometime happen. We accept failure as long as we identify it quickly, own it, and learn from it so we do better next time. We know we cannot be everything to everyone, and we don’t try to be. We hire and retain the brightest and the best employees. We only hire and retain those employees who want to be part of this culture and ensure it is upheld. When you are employed here, this is what you get. It’s exciting but only for the right people.

Our Values

Our values supplements how we should act in order to accomplish our culture and fulfilling our internal brand promise of improving members lives by making banking easier. They are the principles that guide the behaviors of the NuVision Federal Credit Union team. These values apply to our Board, management, team members, and our business partners.


We value commitment. We appreciate our member’s commitment to us. We take our commitments to NuVision Federal Credit Union, our members, each other, and our communities seriously.


We value integrity, honesty, and ethics and do what is right and fair for the credit union, its members, and our communities. We do the right thing everyday even when difficult.


We value timely communication and feedback that is direct, honest, complete, and accurate. We believe employees serve each other, the credit union, our members and our communities. Open communication is embraced from all levels of the organization without regard to title or position.


We value service. We are people who care about serving people. We embrace our work with a sense of urgency; we believe that responsiveness and adaptability are critical to serving our members. We are attentive to detail, accurate, and consistent, and process work correctly the first time. We feel personally responsible for the service we provide to our members, each other, and our communities.

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