Thank you for your patience as we update our Online Banking experience. We know there are some issues affecting our online banking program, and want to report the current status to you, as of December 5th:

Missing deposits in history: We are aware that there are intermittent issues with missing deposits in your history, this is a high priority that is being worked on.

Alerts Timeout Errors: Members are currently not able to remove themselves from Alerts due to receiving a “Timeout” error page; the issue is being worked on.

Bill Pay Service Issues:

If you are still having issues accessing your bill pay accounts please contact us directly via secure chat, in a branch, or via phone at 800-444-6327 so we can assist with accessing your bill pay profile.

QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint Integrations:

Instructions to integrate your Quicken account are now available for Windows and Mac platforms. You will need your login credentials for Direct Connect/online banking in order to ensure the smooth transition of your data.

The following listed are the Quicken/QuickBooks versions supported by the credit union: 

  • QuickBooks Mac 2019
  • QuickBooks Mac 2020
  • QuickBooks Windows 2017 
  • QuickBooks Windows 2018
  • QuickBooks Windows 2019
  • QuickBooks Windows 2020
  • Quicken Mac 2017
  • Quicken Mac 2018
  • Quicken Mac 2019
  • Quicken Windows 2018
  • Quicken Windows 2019
    Quicken Mac/Windows 2020 – Coming Soon! 


Google App Now Available

The app is now showing in the Play Store! In the Google Play Store, type in the word “Nuvision” to view and download the app.

We have received  some reports that if you type in “Nuvision Credit Union” it's still is not showing up in search. We are working with Google to make sure the App is fully searchable in their play store, but in the meantime, you can still access our Android App directly at the following link:

Payments to Credit Card Balances: the “payment transfer” page shows the member’s “Available Balance,” rather than the “Amount Due” figure. Our vendor has not given an estimated resolution date; we suggest contacting the call center at 800-444-6327 or visiting your branch to get the correct Amount Due figure to pay off your credit card.

Mobile App Footer Links:

We are aware that the links in the login screen on our apps are pointing to our Denali Branches in Alaska. We are working on the issue; if you need to enroll in Online Banking you can do so at this link:

If you need to see the latest Nuvision Rates, you can see them at this link:

Again, thank you for your patience as we address the final issues with our new online banking platform. If you are having problems that are not listed above, please visit our online banking instructions page or call us at 800-444-6327.


  • Add/Link External Account for transfers-Members: Members were receiving “Unexpected Error” messages when attempting to use this tool; this issue has been resolved.  
  • Issues with Text Banking: Members who are enrolled in Text Banking were not receiving the requested information; this issue has been resolved.  
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Issues: We were having sporadic reports of an error message when conducting an MRDC transaction; this issue has been resolved.  
  • Share Branching Network Issues have been resolved.





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