Secured Personal Loan

If you don’t want to use the funds in your savings account, or certificate of deposit, our share secured loans are the answer.

Certificate Secured
You can borrow up to the full amount you have on deposit in your certificate account at a rate that is lower than our other loan rates. The loan is secured by your certificate without interrupting the dividends you earn or incurring early withdrawal penalties. Payments can be scheduled monthly with a repayment term up to the maturity date of the certificate.

Savings Secured
Your primary savings account can be your “lender” without having to withdraw any funds. Our savings secured loan uses the money in your savings account as collateral and allows you to borrow up to the full amount that you have on deposit. With this loan, you have access to the money you need without compromising the money you’ve saved or the interest you’re earning.

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A savings or certificate secured loan is also ideal for establishing credit. Contact one of our Member Service Representatives for more information today! at (800) 444-6327.

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