NuVision Lets You Customize A Loan To Fit Your Business Needs

These days we are used to customizing everything from our iPod playlist to our morning coffee. At NuVision Federal Credit Union, we also think you should have the power to customize your business loan to fit your company’s needs.

As a non-profit financial institution, NuVision is owned by our members, not shareholders. This means that we have the flexibility to customize our loan products based on our members’ individual requirements.

In addition, because we hold the loans we make in our own portfolio, we work closely with our members to decide the best course of action, as opposed to following a third-party’s pre-determined list of loan criteria that may or may not apply to your situation. It’s just one more way that NuVision can help you enjoy life and bank easier!

Contact us today to customize your loan and discover how NuVision can help your business grow in 2013.

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