If You are a Victim of Fraud

Following is a list of the steps to take if you discover you have been a victim of identity theft/fraud:

  1. Contact the fraud departments of each of the 3 national credit bureaus, and ask to have a victim’s statement inserted into your credit report, alerting creditors of the problem. These agencies are:
    • Equifax Consumer Fraud Assistance Dept. (800) 525-6285
    • TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Dept. (800) 680-7289
    • Experian Consumer Fraud Assistance Dept. (888) 397-3742
  2. Contact your creditors to close any accounts fraudulently opened or accessed.
  3. Report the loss to your credit union or other financial institution. Close checking and savings accounts and open new ones. Stop payments on outstanding checks.
  4. File a police report and get a copy of it in case your bank, credit card company or insurance company needs proof of the crime.
  5. Report your missing driver’s license to the Department of Motor Vehicles and request a new license with a new number.
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