Digital Insight/Network Solutions Phishing Scam

What is Phishing?

A phishing scam may now be targeting financial institutions by sending e-mails that appear to be from Network Solutions. The scam attempts to trick recipients into clicking a link in the e-mail for the purpose of acquiring sensitive information or perhaps placing malicious files or applications on the user’s computer. A sample message is included below. If you receive suspicious e-mails, please do not click the links, but notify your financial institution.

In recent weeks, phishing scams have also included fraudulent e-mails that claimed to be from Digital Insight, financial institutions and other sources designed to appear official.

Please note the following:

  • Digital Insight systems have not been breached in any way. Your information is still safe.
  • Recipients of these e-mails are not specific to DI financial institutions or their end users. Phishing e-mails can be sent to anyone with an e-mail address. If you receive phishing e-mails, it does not mean that someone has a list NuVision’s members.
  • We are currently working to identify and shut down the sites that these phishing e-mails link to.

Sample Phishing E-mail

[box]From: Tech Support []
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:21 AM
To: [ NAME varied by recipient ]
Subject: Your domain will be deleted today

Dear Network Solutions Customer,

We recently notified you that the registration period for your Network Solutions domain name had expired. As a benefit of having previously registered a domain name(s) with Network Solutions, you are eligible to receive a percentage of the net proceeds that were generated from the renewal and transfer of the domain name you chose
not to renew. Since you have chosen not to renew the domain name listed below during the applicable grace period, we were successful in securing a backorder for this domain name on your behalf and it has been transferred to another party in accordance with the Service Agreement.

Renew your domain now –

You must click on the following link, enter your domain name, and confirm your contact information in order to claim these funds. If your contact information is not correct, you must enter Account Manager and make the appropriate changes prior to clicking “submit” from the confirmation screen. If you do not do this, you will be
confirming inaccurate information and will not receive any payment. Checks will only be made payable and mailed to the Account Holder of record.

Network Solutions® Customer Support[/box]

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