Beware of ATM Skimming Devices

What is a skimming device and how can fraud occur?

Skimming is a method by which thieves steal card information.  A skimming device is a small piece of plastic or metal made to look exactly like a part of the ATM machine.  It is attached over the card reader using tape, glue, or other adhesives.

The device is generally exactly the same color, shape, and design as the current card reader.  In addition, there will be camera filming your PIN number.  This camera will be somewhere close to where you enter in numbers on the key pad.

If there is a loose piece of plastic, wires, or similar devices attached, DO NOT use the machine and notify branch staff immediately during business hours or call the police. Individuals hoping to conduct fraud will often skim the information during the weekend, and then withdraw funds from these accounts either that same weekend, or in this most recent case, a few weeks later.

If you suspect the ATM you are using has been compromised or see any suspicious activity,  please call the local police to report it.


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