Heartbleed Bug Update

Like NuVision, our Online Banking vendor – Digital Insight – takes security very seriously, especially issues like the Heartbleed Bug. After performing a thorough investigation, their research indicates that this vulnerability does not impact Digital Insight Online Banking services because the encryption libraries used for Digital Insight Online Banking do not use the OpenSSL library that is the source of the vulnerability. However, they will continue to investigate as new information becomes available. They are working with third party vendors on assessment of any vulnerability in their services we provide to our financial institution customers. We will provide an update when this assessment has been completed.

Things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Once you receive confirmation that the site you are using is safe, change your password. If you are not already doing so, it is a good practice to regularly change your password
  • Monitor your accounts and report any suspicious activity right away
  • Utilize a password management application – there are a number of free/inexpensive solutions on iTunes and Google
  • Opt-In when vendors offer mutli-factor authentication. Sites such as Amazon and other often used e-commerce sites are beginning to offer this now

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