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Message from CEO Roger Ballard

We understand that access to your money is one of your major concerns. Credit unions have come a long way from the days of the basic savings account and limited branches. Many of our members remember when CUs were the perfect place for the holiday fund or that savings account you didn't touch.

So much has changed, and now credit unions are full-service financial institutions offering all the products and services a member needs and wants to make banking easier.

When you hear commercials on TV and radio for big banks with their products and technology services, you can rest easy, knowing NuVision has the same if not better solutions. NuVision provides solutions designed specifically with our members (who are really owners) in mind, including:
  • Mobile Banking
  • Deposit checks from your smart phone
  • Low Cost Mortgage Loans
  • Free Checking Accounts
  • Access to 35,000 ATMs and Branch Locations nationwide
We continue to bring you enhanced technology to help you manage your finances, including paying bills automatically from your smart phone or computer. As part of the CO-OP network, there are thousands of ATMs and branch locations you can use nationwide. Hundreds of these are located in Southern California, and are easily found through the locations button on your NuVision mobile app.

Members are still surprised to learn that NuVision has low cost mortgage loans with a variety or loan types. Last year we saved our members more than $26 million in interest expense on their existing mortgages just by switching to a NuVision mortgage.

Whether you are looking for a new mortgage or easy access to your money, NuVision is where you'll find the right solutions.


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