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ATM Enhancements Make Using NuVision ATMs More Secure and Easier

With recent enhancements this summer, NuVision ATMs now help members better secure their ATM/debit cards, further protecting your account balances, increase efficiencies and simplify the process of making transactions at a NuVision ATM.
    Enhancement #1: Simply re-enter your PIN for multiple transactions. There's no need to swipe your card again.

    If you want to conduct multiple transactions (i.e. check account balances, transfer between accounts and cash withdrawals) you will now only need to swipe your card ONCE and enter your PIN for each subsequent transaction. This allows you to swipe your ATM/debit card once and return your card to your wallet or purse.

    Enhancement #2: Your card will be returned to you before the transaction is complete

    NuVision's Lakewood and Leisure World ATMs use a motorized card reader. The machine will now read the card and return it to you PRIOR to completing your transaction at the ATM. This step should reduce cards being captured and allow you to return your card to your wallet or purse immediately.**

    Enhancement #3: No Envelope Needed

    You can make your deposit at the following locations without an envelope: Costa Mesa, La Verne Express Branch, Downtown Branch, and Boeing Buildings 800 and 54.
**Lakewood and Leisure World

Merchant Holds and Debit cards
When you use your NuVision Debit card, you may notice a hold on your account that is different from the purchase amount. VISA, along with the merchant have an agreement of how much can be held for transactions. For example: If you swipe your NuVision EZ Access Check Card at a gas station for $35 - the gas station places a merchant hold for $75 which is automatically released as soon as $35 charge pays from your account. NuVision cannot remove these holds.

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