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Credit and Debit Card Safety Tips
Protect Your Money When Traveling

A few preventative measures will help keep the loss or theft of your wallet a minor annoyance instead of a vacation-halting affair, while making your trip a more relaxing and safer adventure. For more travel safety tips, visit
  • Select the right credit cards for your travels. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted cards just about anywhere in the world, so if you have these you likely will be covered. It is a good idea to have two cards from different issuers, in the event you have a problem with one.
  • Confirm your card limits and expiration dates. Make sure the card(s) you bring will be useable for the entire trip length.
  • Find out what fees to expect. If traveling abroad, call your card issuer and ask what their foreign currency exchange fee or foreign transaction fee(s) are. Fees generally range from 1%-2%, so you should try to select cards with the lowest fees.
  • Confirm contact information for your card issuer. Make sure you have a number to reach your card issuer from abroad in case of an emergency.
  • Backup your critical information. You will want to have a list of your credit card information and phone numbers for card issuers in the event they are lost or stolen. Leave copies of the front and back of each credit card, and any other important documents you are carrying, with a friend or close relative back home.
  • Keep all your receipts. If a charge appears later that is inaccurate, you will have the proof available for your dispute. Keep them for several months in the event charges are delayed, which is not unusual with foreign transactions.
  • Treat your plastic as if it was cash. Don't leave your credit cards unattended in your luggage or hotel room; store them in your wallet or money belt. Beware of pickpocket scams, a common scenario is someone bumping into you and another distracting you while the pickpocket lifts your wallet or grabs a purse. A money belt is a better way to carry your valuables.
  • Beware of duplicate charges. This may most often occur when you have used a credit card to hold a reservation for lodging or car rental, and then you pay the bill in cash instead.
  • Keep some cash on hand at all times. Carry enough for a day's safety net in the event that you run into problems with your credit card.
Are you travelling internationally?

Be sure to notify NuVision of your travels so we can make a note on your account and allow debit transactions to be approved. If you plan on traveling out of the United States, please give NuVision a call so we can make sure your Debit card is available for you to use. International transactions are automatically blocked as a way of preventing fraud.

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