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A Credit Union Credit Card: Your Best Bet

You've likely heard about some of the credit card changes in the new CARD act. Credit unions largely conform to the new rules already, and always have. If you already have a credit union credit card--good for you. If not, now is the time for change.

You'll not only pay lower interest rates than you will with a bank card, but you'll get low fees, a reasonable grace period, and great member service that are just routine at the credit union. It's worth the few minutes it'll take to compare the card you're using with what you'll get using a NuVision Visa.

Credit Cards: Switch and Save
Do you know what would happen if you went over the credit limit on one of your credit cards, or if you made a late payment? If you got the card from a large national card issuer, chances are you'd be charged high penalty fees, and you might find your interest rate hiked to more than 30%.

If you're not sure about the fees and penalties for your credit card, ask your card issuer. The terms may have changed since you opened the account, and you may not have seen the notification, which generally accompanies your account statement. You should know:
  • Your interest rate.
  • Whether there are different rates for balance transfers, cash advances, and purchases.
  • The order in which payments apply to different types of transactions--some banks pay off low interest-rate balances first so the high-rate ones stay on your account longer.
  • Whether the rate could increase to a higher penalty rate, and under what circumstances (such as a late payment--on this card or any other card).
  • Annual fee, late fee, and overlimit fee amounts, and when they're charged.
  • What other fees are charged, and when.
  • The grace period, or number of days from the billing date you may pay in full without incurring finance charges.
If you're not satisfied with the answers, maybe it's time to shop for a better card. And be sure to ask these questions up front. In most cases, you'll find credit union credit cards are the most consumer friendly. Call 800.444.6327 or click here to learn how to get your fixed rate NuVision Visa in your wallet.

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