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Winterize Your Vehicle and Protect Your Family and Investment

With auto manufacturers making cars more dependable every year, we tend to think our vehicle is continuously in good shape for driving conditions all year-round. But, the reality is, normal wear and tear from daily driving can hinder a car's performance. Driving during the winter season can be especially hard on your vehicle, which makes attention to maintenance essential for winter driving to help avoid costly repairs.
  • Make sure that your antifreeze or coolant level is at the correct level in your car's reservoir. Coolant should be checked on a weekly basis to ensure proper temperature control. The proper level of transmission fluid is also important to keep your car running smoothly in winter.
  • Inspecting the hoses and belts on your vehicle regularly. If any look rotten or brittle they should be changed to ensure they don't leak or break off.
  • Your windshield wipers should be replaced each winter to ensure that old or damaged wipers from last season are not still in use.
  • The quality and level of your oil is very important in keeping your engine running smooth. Your vehicles oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles or every 3 months; whichever comes first.
  • This next tip is for the part of your vehicle that has the most contact with the road - your tires. Having accurate tire pressure can help with the fuel economy of your vehicle and prevent tire damage while driving. The correct pressure for your tires can be found on the inside seam of your vehicle's door or directly on the tire itself. Also check for any bulges and excessive tread wear. Rotating your tires should be done at the first 5,000 miles of your tires and then at every 7,500 miles thereafter.
These are just a few easy tips to make sure your vehicle runs smooth during the tough winter season. Be sure to have an automotive professional handle any significant maintenance or repairs your car may need.

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