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What to Expect From the New 2012 Cars

In an industry that is dealing with a shortage of used vehicles, many buyers are seeing the advantages of trading in their car to purchase a brand new one. The 2012 models have already hit the lots and they are coming loaded with new options. Although the 2012 vehicles bring in several new standards, let's take a look at two: mileage and features.

Consumers are looking to get more miles for their dollar. Many 2012 vehicles will have higher MPG compared to models from previous years. For example, the 2011 Chevy Cruze already had great mileage with 24 city/36 highway MPG. The 2012 model does even better with 24 city/42 highway. 40 MPG is slowly starting to become the new standard in compact vehicles and sedans. And with many on tight budgets, every extra mile counts.

Buyers can not only expect more mileage from their 2012 vehicles, they can also expect new standard features. Improved safety and the expansion of technologies in hybrid and electric cars are on the rise. But buyers can look forward to the new trend of luxury. The 2012 Ford Focus will have new perks: rain-sensing wipers, a parallel-parking system, a blind-spot warning system, a backup camera, ambient lighting, push-button ignition, a stitched dashboard, and a navigation system. It wasn't that long ago that consumers had to pay for a pricey vehicle to have these type of features. Manufacturers are seeing Americans choose smaller, more economical vehicles and developing high-quality standard features to meet the demand.

If you want a new 2012 vehicle but don't have the time to research the new standards and trends, let Autoland, NuVision's auto buying service do the research and legwork for you. Autoland's expert Consultants can help you find the right car with the specifications you want at a great value. Plus, they can even help you sell or trade-in your current vehicle.

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