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Don't be a Victim: Smishing and Vishing

Have you ever received a text message or an automated phone call on your cell phone saying there's a problem with your account? You're given a phone number to call or a website to log into and asked to provide personal identifiable information-like an account number, PIN, or card number-to fix the problem.

Beware: It could be a "smishing" or "vishing" scam attempting to collect your personal information. While most cyber scams target your computer, smishing and vishing scams target your mobile phone, and they're becoming a growing threat as more consumers own mobile phones. (Vishing scams also target land-line phones.)

"Smishing"-a combination of SMS texting and phishing-and "Vishing"-voice and phishing-are two of the scams the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is warning consumers about.

Here's how smishing and vishing scams work: Criminals set up an automated dialing system to text or call people in a particular region or area code (or sometimes they use stolen customer phone numbers from banks or credit unions). The victims receive messages like: "There's a problem with your account," or "Your ATM card needs to be reactivated," and are directed to a phone number or website asking for personal information.

Here are some tips to protect your personal information:
  • Never respond to text messages or automated voice messages from unknown or blocked numbers;
  • Never disclose personal information (social security/account/debit card numbers, PINs) to unsolicited calls, text or emails;
  • Always use published phone numbers when contacting your financial institution, not the phone number provided in the voice mail, text message or email. With NuVision, that phone number is 800.444.6327.
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