Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q. How do I sign up for Online Banking Access

A. Visit one of our branches or contact our call center to request an Online Banking Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Q. I have an Online Banking PIN. How do I log in?.

A. You can access Online Banking from any page of the NuVision website. In the Online Banking login box, enter your Account Number in the top box and your Online Banking PIN in the second text box. Click the Login button.

Q. When I log in for the first time, I’m asked to change my password. What are your requirements?

A. Your password must contain between 4 and 8 characters. Passwords cannot contain leading or trailing blanks.

Q. What is the Forgotten Password Verification?

A. Forgotten Password Verification is a way to recover your Online Banking password without needing to contact us to reset it. There are a series of three questions with multiple choices for each question. If you forget your password, your password will be sent to your email address when you successfully answer the questions.

Q. Can I access my Home Banking information with Quicken® or Money®?

A. Yes. NuVision is a participating Financial Institution for Direct Connect access.

You can register for a Direct Connect pin through the Online Account setup in Quicken® or Money® or register for a Direct Connect pin here . (note: Direct Connect Pin should be between 6 and 8 characters.)

We also support the QIF file and Delimited text file export for older versions of Quicken® and Money®.

Download instructions for setting up Direct Connect on Quicken here

Q. What Browsers does your web site support?

A. Our Online Banking site has been certified with Internet Explorer 8, 9®, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox® 4.0 and Safari® 6.0 .

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