Deposit checks via your computer and scanner

For Nuvision members who prefer not to use mobile deposit, MyDeposit lets you quickly deposit checks with a value up to $2,500 from your computer.

Just select the MyDeposit option on our web banking service, and you can scan and upload your signed check for deposit in seconds.* Once your check is accepted, you can immediately print a receipt and view your updated balance. Checks deposited with MyDeposit are subject to the standard Nuvision funds availability policy.

MyDeposit is only available after you have been a Nuvision member for one year. To enroll, visit a Nuvision branch or contact us to receive an application form.

* The following checks cannot be deposited and can result in service cancellation: foreign checks, altered checks, third party checks, incomplete or non-negotiable items, non-readable or non-visible MICR line items, checks drawn on the member’s own account, checks previously deposited in the member’s own account or an account at another financial institution, and savings bonds. Only 10 checks per day can be submitted. Check amount limited for business account holders will be determined on a case-by-case basis.