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New Chip-Enabled Card FAQs

Exciting Credit Card Changes are Headed Your Way in June!

At Nuvision Federal Credit Union we strive to provide you great member service and financial tools that protect your financial security. We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with a new credit card processor in June, 2018 that will allow us to bring you an even more secure and powerful credit card program!

This change will affect our credit card service for a short period of time, but in a good way. The new and improved credit card program will offer a variety of new tools that we weren’t able to offer before, like free online access to you FICO score.

As mentioned above, there will be some changes heading your way, and we want you to be ready for them. Below are some helpful FAQs we hope will help prepare you for this process:

In early June you will receive a new EMV, chip-enabled, Visa Platinum card. Your new card will have a new design and new card number.

Your new card can be activated starting June 17, 2018. If you have any pre-authorized or recurring debits (health club, insurance, subscriptions services, cable, utilities, etc.) on your card, you will need to update those merchants with your new card information.

You may continue to use your current card through midnight June 16, 2018. Do not use your current Nuvision Federal Credit Union card after that date. Transactions will be denied.

No. Your Nuvision Debit Card will not be impacted.

Shortly after the switch to our new provider in June you’ll have access to these great new features:

  • Free online access to your FICO score coming in the 3th quarter - You’ll get your latest credit score updates and an in-depth understanding of the key factors that impact your score You will always know where you stand with your credit!
  • Enhanced Card controls in the 4th quarter. – You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can easily turn your card off within minutes when your card is misplaced or stolen. This will help you block potential fraudulent transactions while you locate your lost card or report your card stolen!
  • Design your own card in the 3th quarter – you will soon have the option to customize your Nuvision credit card. By uploading a personal custom image or choosing one from our catalogue of distinct images for display on the front of your personal credit card, it’s simple, easy, and fun to turn the front of your card into a personal statement!

Your Annual Percentage Rate will remain unchanged. All current credit cardholders will keep the current fixed rate.

With the change to a new processor, your due date may change. Beginning with your June payment, your payments due dates may be moved to later dates. If your payment is not received by the due date, late fees may apply.

You can continue to make payment through Nuvision Online Banking, Call Center or at any Nuvision branch. However, your new card has a new card number and address for mailing your payment:

  • If you currently mail your payments, send payment to the new address.
    Nuvision Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 60510
    City of Industry, CA 91716-0510
  • If you’ve set up advance or automatic electronic payments to pay your credit card bills, such as Bill Pay, please re-set up with your new card number and/or payment address:
    Nuvision Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 60510
    City of Industry, CA 91716-0510