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Small Businesses Need Your Help to Get Financing

While small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain credit from other financial institutions, credit unions with important experience in business lending are approaching their capacity to lend. However, credit unions are currently subject to an arbitrary member business lending (MBL) cap of 12.25% of total assets.

MBL reform could provide up to $13 billion to small businesses in the first year alone and create over 140,000 new jobs. This legislation does not cost the taxpayer a dime!

Credit unions need congressional action in order to lift the MBL cap and win an important victory for small businesses throughout the country. Your Senators and Congressional Representatives have the opportunity to help small businesses and credit unions by co-sponsoring S.2231/H.R. 1418 and urging leadership to move this bill. The time is right to urge Congress to lift the cap.

We need your help! To send a message to your elected officials, just click here: For The Cause It’s fast and easy, and you’ll be doing your part to support economic growth in your community.

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