Using a Custom Nuvision Debit Card Debit card being used

Debit Card

Make your debit card more personal

As a Nuvision member, you have the option to create a custom debit card that reflects your own personality and style. Whether you choose a favorite photo of your own or select one from our library of images, it’s easy to turn the front of your card into a personal statement.

To get started, click the link on this page to enter our Design Your Own Card site. Once you’ve created your card, you’ll receive the new card and PIN in just a few weeks.

Certain terms and conditions apply to our design your own card service. Custom images must meet Visa® USA and other standards set forth by the credit union. A list of unacceptable images is listed in the design your own card section. Custom image cards can be ordered only once every 30 days. Joint account custom image cards must be ordered within 48 hours of the primary card order.