Alert: Fraudulent NuVision Website Discovered

It has been discovered that a fraudulent NuVision website has been established originating from Germany.

Please be assured that the NuVision website was not compromised in any way. All security measures remain in place at NuVision’s official website. To ensure you are at NuVision’s official website, look in the top left corner for the security lock image. Another way to know that you are at the official website, is that NuVision will always operate in a secure https:// address.

NuVision has not heard of any members being directly solicited by this fraudulent website, it is mostly a scam email directing non-members to pay fees to access a large payout. The fraudulent website is a mirror of NuVision’s website, and does not contain actual account or personal information.

For more information on Phishing scams and how to protect your personal information, please visit our website If you have more questions, or feel you have accidently visited this unsecure site or been directed to visit any other fraudulent site, please call us at 800.444.6327.

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